About us and our vision with Skullaryd Moose Park

The Moose Park is run by Erik Öster.

Erik is 29 years old and he has since he was a child been close too natur and animals. Going too farmschool was there for the obvious choice. During study the idea was born too expande the current deerfarm which his grandfather started in 1970,  with mooses. Work started 2012 and finally summer 2014 the park is open for publik.

The family farm dates back to the Viking era and there are cairns and a rune stone close by the park. Most buildings on the farm are from the mid 1800s but the oldest buildings are from the beginning of the 1700s. The Moose park is surrounded by beautiful Swedish nature.

Our vision...

One of the aims of the Moose Park is to give people an opportunity to visit the countryside to experience wild native animals.

A further aim is to use the area for the study of ecology and the relationship between Swedish cloven-hoofed game in cooperation with schools. It is important to remember and respect that these are wild animals.

Therefore, the animals are kept in large enclosures that are as natural to them as possible. All animals are reared in captivity, but they are still wild species.

The moose is the king of the forest, and we strongly believe that it is only natural that they have access to woodland, just as it is for our red deer to have access to marshland.

This means that your experience at Skullaryd Moose Park will be special. Here the animals can be viewed in their natural environment.

One tip is to bring your binoculars as there is a likelihood the moose is lying down at the edge of the forest or a Red deer resting in the shade of some trees!